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Welcome to the Teso College Aloet Website! The Website is functional but currently under construction. We welcome contributions from Old Boys, Teachers, current students and friends of Teso College. Pictures, memories, history and all kinds of ideas are welcome.

Let us work together to make this a worthwhile resource for this great institution.

Thank you for visiting!


My name is John Wilson Osire. I am an old boy of Teso College, I work as software Engineer. I have tasked myself with building a website for TCA. The idea of building the website has been on my mind for a long time. I have recently been encouraged to proceed through my e-mail discussions with other old boys of Teso College, including Dr. Peter Okaalet, Michael Atingi-Ego, Henry Kerali, John Robert Lorech, Francis Okello and Emmanuel Oluka.

My hope is to inspire past teachers and students to help with the school which has been run down. I am in the initial stages of gathering data. I would appreciate if you can scan any pictures, write down history or document your experiences at Teso College. I am having a tough time finding information on TCA.

Once I get the initial data I will have a few pages uploaded and invite contributions that will include the beginning of the school/staff (pictures) etc, the progress made, forum for old students and boys to interact and possible one day have a reunion day at the school. I request all the old boys in the Diaspora to help. It will require effort from old boys and friends of TCA.

I am requesting old boys to send me written information guided by the items listed in the menu for the website pages for example: the history of the school, the current state of the school; scanned pictures if you have any particularly group pictures sports, clubs, student's governing body pictures that would include head boys etc.

I would also like to compile all the pictures of all the headmasters that have served TCA from its inception to current. Please send all scanned pictures, bios. Send all the information by submitting the information in the link/ contact page. Please feel free to write up on any topic that is listed on the menu. We will include your name in the acknowledgement page. This effort will be a work in progress since the data is not readily available. My estimate is that we should have a solid website within one year.

I will currently meet the costs for the domain and the website hosting. Initially the website will be hosted in the USA but will ultimately be relocated to Uganda. Once we have this website fully built we plan to have it sustainable so as to have it regularly updated. This will bring several benefits to the school. It will lift the visibility of the school; the old students will be inspired to sow back into the school. The younger generation will be encouraged to aspire higher. The history of the school will be preserved. Please send your articles and images to John Osire

Thank you very much for your time and efforts.

Sincerely, John Osire.